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Welcome to the product page of Sri Mahalakshmi Fertilizers and Chemicals (SMFC). Our product range is not just a showcase of our offerings, but a reflection of our commitment to delivering excellence and innovative solutions. Here, we provide you with detailed information on our diverse array of high-quality industrial chemicals and agricultural products, designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Carbon Powder for foundary use.

image (15)

1. Foundary sand mixing Carbon powder. This Carbon powder with low ash content and volatile matters and fixed Carbon are maintained as per the customer requirements.

image (14)

2. Carbon pellets used to rise carbon level in the metal, Low ash and volatile matter with high fixed carbon.

3. Bentonite mixed carbon as per customer requirement.

image (16)

4. Bentonite powder for foundry use.

Fish feed/prawn

Energy. Pellets on the table

Fish feed pellets for the aqua culture used in inland forming and marine culture .Protein percentage as per the need of the farmers.


Closeup of cocopeat or coco peat texture background

1. Low EC, Cocopeat powder for nursery, plantation Veg farming.

image (17)

2. Low EC Cocopeat blocks for pot culture , nursery, flowri culture